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Gmail customer support phone number

Privacy Policy

As a basic criterion highlighting the credibility of our Gmail Customer services, is to preserve the privacy rights of our extensive clientele base. On that note, we hereby, linger over the various phases of our key functionalities, as to make you well-versed in their insight. We follow the privacy supplement which accounts on special norms to regulate your registered information for our prescribed web services and other online deals. And they are described in the following text:

  • We attain your information from as basic as your date of birth to as complex as what online community you follow.
  • We accrue the information that you provide us and the one we find relevant to our services in which you might be enrolled. The information is then used to make you work with our online applications, ads and related subject matter.
  • In order to subscribe any of the web services especially to configure through different mail clients, we concentrate most importantly on your critical information including, the device you connect to, log details, your locale, application number, installation id and other activation details.
  • The call up session with our Gmail Technical Support team is evidently kept preserved for any verification along with your discerning feedbacks.

You may be inquisitive about where your account details are hoarded. Your account details once input on Gmail user interface, is then transferred to our database without leaking it to any unencrypted user. The information is also stored on local data storage platforms of your PC viz. within web beacons, cookies and other key identifiers.

We tend to enhance the potency of our web services by employing the information you prorate and by keeping you updated with the contemporary prevalence. All-embracing measures that support in revitalizing the layout and revising the follow-ups literally increase your practice with Gmail.

Support Number

Gmail customer support phone number

Email: [email protected]

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